Job Applications

Here you can find more information if you want to join our team and the currently open jobs in our team.

Important information

Before you applies, make sure you read the job description carefully and only apply if you’re suitable for the job or think you can handle it. For example, if the job description requires low polygon modeling then we really need someone who create low polygon models, i.e. for mobile platforms. Also make sure to read the payment/compensation section carefully.

We’re small team, not a big company. We’re not looking for people who work full-time with full-time payment. We’re students ourself or do a full-time job already and do the developing in our free time for now until our games produce enough revenue to be able to run a serious business with full-time employment.

What should I include in the the application?

  • Name
  • Country/Timezone
    Mostly for an estimate for us, so we can better coordinate  stuff. We’re located in Europe, but accept people from outside Europe
  • Portfolio or examples of your work
  • Previous Projects you worked on (optional)
  • Your grade of experience
    Years, professional work in game industry  etc.
  • How much time you can commit to the project
    i.e. 20 hours per week

  • You rates & desired compensation method
    Please add information about your desired compensation method (be sure to read the job description and that your salary requirement is in accordance with our requirements) and add your rates i.e. per model price, hour rates or per project. 

    Take into account that for most projects we can only compensate you either after an successful crowd-funding or after release of the game.

    If you wish to join the team as a whole and keep working with us on further projects then state clearly that you like to join as a full team member (not to be confused with an full-time job). As a full team member you can be directly involved with the success of the team, i.e. by getting a fixed percentage of all profits vs. a fixed number that was negotiated before on a freelance base.

    While the risks as a full member are higher, so is the reward if the game becomes a success and can easily outnumber a fixed payment.

Incomplete or missing information may result in your application not be processed or delayed.

We are currently looking for

3D Artist