Graphic update & more, Future version and Android

Latest updates

I’ve been quite busy recently, and didn’t got really much time to work on it. So not to much new. The most notable update is of course the graphics update. The first thing you notice is that there are some moving backgrounds now and that some of the arts were updates. The second change is about the blocks. Now you can see the damage state of a stone/glass/wood block. There are 3 different states, on updated every 33% of it’s health (100%, 67%, 33%) so it’s easier to see if a block will break with the next hit or how close you were to breaking it, making it much more controllable. The second feature are tutorials. On some important points in the game, tutorial displays will be shown giving the player some hints on how to use new projectiles or how to solve some of the levels or simply introducing a new tactic to finish a level. The current version of The Pirate Game can be played on Kongregate.

Future updates

We also want to let you know what’s going to change or implemented in the near future. After finishing the first (and mainly) graphical update, we’ll concentrate into adding more content in form of levels and new/different projectiles and blocks. One of the main goals for the next update will be to add an unbreakable block, which can’t be destroyed by cannon balls, so the user has to find other and sometimes unconventional ways to kill the French land dwellers.Very high on our priority list is also an mobile version. The first platform we aim for is Android. We’re already working on make the UI more scalable on different screen sizes and implement multi-touch support and then push it to the Android Market. Depending on the success, an iPhone version very likely too. But iOS development requires a Mac PC, which is quite an big investment for the moment.If you have suggestions, feedback or great ideas of what you’d like to see in The Pirate Game, let us know us by leaving a comment.