The Pirate Game: New Graphics & Progress Update

What’s new

After another 5 weeks of silence, we’re a big step closer to finishing a first public version. Thanks to our new artist CarusimaHikura, the we did some nice progress on the graphics, as you can see on the screenshots below.

You may also want to check out her Deviant Profile at

Static Backgrounds

New static 2D Backgrounds (can be disabled from Options menu for weaker Smartphones)

The new look Parallax backgrounds

UI & more

We have also redone some of the UI Graphics, added an options menu which allows users to turn certain options off (i.e. 2D Backgrounds), control volume etc. Especially on older 800 MHz CPUs the new 2D Backgrounds could lead to significant lowering of FPS (~10-15 fps difference on HTC Desire).

Startscreen and Menu Level selection screen

3D Mountians

Of course we also have added a new zone with a few levels, which now also contains mountains, whic make the levels more interesting. Hills and Gates Hills and Gates Hills

Achievements & Highscores

We also implemented the OpenFeint Framework into the Android version. It easily allows us to implement achievements and highscores, which can be used to brag out and compare yourself with others.  The good news: It’s in the Android version. The bad one: The Webplayer version doesn’t support it yet, as OpenFeint only has a Java-Framework for Android and XCode for iOS.


We’re also almost done adding a ragdoll effect to the enemies, which makes them collapse/fall physically correctly.

What’s next?

We’re just about to finish the last steps for the Android version, like tweaking Highscores, then push it on the Android Market. It will be available as a free ad-supported version.