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Unity3D game crashes during loading screen on Android 4.0.1 (Android ICS)

One common issue people having on the Unity3D Android Forums  and keep asking over and over is a certain crash issue, which happens during the start of the Unity3D game app on Android 4.0.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich). This is a
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The Pirate Game for Android finally released!

It’s finally done! The first version of The Pirate Game is available on the Android Market.  It was a long way to get so far, but it’s done! The WebPlayer version is still available and playable, but if you like
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The Pirate Game: New Graphics & Progress Update

What’s new After another 5 weeks of silence, we’re a big step closer to finishing a first public version. Thanks to our new artist CarusimaHikura, the we did some nice progress on the graphics, as you can see on the
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Current progress & 2D Artist wanted!

Latest Updates It’s been quite a while since last update and the progress was quite slow, as some of us have a job and do it mostly in their free time. Nonetheless, the Android version made quite some progress. Performance
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Graphic update & more, Future version and Android

Latest updates I’ve been quite busy recently, and didn’t got really much time to work on it. So not to much new. The most notable update is of course the graphics update. The first thing you notice is that there are
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